When owning a dog you are taking on a lot of responsibilities.  Unlike cats, dogs require more attention, human interaction and love.  When a dog gets made, they will become more destructive as a way to show that they are not happy.  To help avoid this and to educate your dog here are some pet trainer penn valley ca tips, tricks and suggestions.

Be patient

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Getting mad at your dog isn’t going to accomplish anything.  When training your dog realize that you are working with a baby.  For this reason, hitting the dog, tying them up as punishment or any other deplorable actions some people do to get their dogs to listen should not be done.  Like humans, dogs learn at their own pace and by positive reinforcement.

Start Early

The earlier you start training your dog the faster they will pick up good habits.  The longer you wait to start training your dog the more likely they will start to pick up bad habits which in turn will result in their bad behavior.

Create a welcoming environment

Training all revolves around trust.  If you can create a welcoming environment for your dog, show them that they are loved and that you are their friend then they will be more apt to listening to what it is you have to say.  To create a welcoming environment, have their own spot in the room, a place to sleep, toys and food. 

Learning is not going to be an easy job and some people don’t have what it takes.  This is okay, for those that are not sure how to train their dog, they should seek out professionals who deal with dogs on a regular basis. 

Taking classes together with your dog will also help to build a bonding relationship.  With the two of you learning about each other and what both expect out of each other is the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growing that can’t be taken away.