Ah! Joy to the world to be talking about the local pet grooming salon st. petersburg fl experience. This could have been said, or written, from the POV (point of view) of the highly intelligent dog or cat with extraordinarily and highly unusual levels of dexterous abilities. To snap out of this fantasy then. It is a well-known fact among pet lovers, dog and cat groomers, veterinary surgeons, pet psychologists, animal biologists and the like that the grooming experience is an enthralling one for any strain of the feline and canine species.

It is in their extreme, wild and domestic nature to enjoy a good purring or growling experience, as the case may be for the species. Just like receiving a good clinical massage for you is therapeutic, mentally soothing and physically healthy for you, so too the act of grooming the pet. And let it be said that grooming is good for you too. Just ask any mature couple well-practiced in the art of love-making.

local pet grooming salon st. petersburg fl

And please note that this amorous affair goes well beyond the obvious. How does it make you feel to be gently stroked by another? Unless you were unusually morose or frigid, you cannot deny that you will be enjoying the sensations usually experienced. It is said that it is even more awesome for the dog and cat. Both dog and cat are made to feel rather special. Someone up there does love me after all.

It does have something to do with the animals’ packaged genes. And they say that grooming the cat or dog makes you feel quite awesome too. This is a good bonding exercise. And the very act of stroking your dog’s shaggy mane with a customary brush is therapeutic for you as well.