Tips For Picking The Perfect Dog

Deciding on a dog to bring into the family can be a troubling process.  Walking into a pet store and seeing all of those jumping, playing, crying and loveable puppies just makes you want to pick then all up and bring them home.  However, no matter how much we love them we don’t have the room or capability to manage them all, no matter how much you insist you can.  So, with this being said, how do we possibly pick the best family dogs augusta ga.


When picking out a dog it is important to realize the full size of the dog.  When they are puppies they are small, cute and fit in the palm of your hand.  However, after a few months these cute little puppies will be full grown dogs knocking into all of your stuff.


How much energy do these animals have?  As they grow many different breeds will need lots of space and freedom to stretch their legs and get their energy released.  If you live in a small apartment then finding a breed that has low levels of energy may be more comparable than those that need to run free on a farm.


What maintenance will these dogs need?  Do they have long hair that is constantly shedding or are they short hair dogs that tend to care for themselves?  What about their diet?  How much food will they require and what special dietary considerations will they have? 


Do you have children?  How old are they?  When it comes to Introducing dogs to children many parents are concerned on how rough these animals will be.  Will the dogs bite the children, knock them down or otherwise do harm?  As this is a valid concern, I don’t want to say that you shouldn’t worry about it, but on average most dog breeds will take to children as protectors. 

best family dogs augusta ga

With this information you now have some key points to look at when making your decision towards a family pet.