For those looking to get a great family pet the Yorkshire Terriers are a great option.  They are one of the more popular dogs you can have as a family pet and have a long history that shows their domestication and heritage.  These dogs were originally bread in Yorkshire in the 19th Century.  Many people from Scotland brought with them to England several versions of terriers and through breeding this breed became most popular.

If you are looking to purchase yorkshire terriers houston tx is probably one of the best places to do it.  Another fact that you may find interesting is that these dogs are classified as a toy breed.  Some will also call them companion dogs since they are small enough to be a toy and can fit in your purse as a companion.  On average the dot will grow to be about seven inches in height and weigh around seven pounds. 

The popularity of these dogs has ranked them number six in the United States.  They are also popular in other parts of the world such as the UK but have found the majority of their popularity here in the states.  One of the main reasons that they are so popular is because of their Hypoallergenic Coat. 

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When looking at their coat you will see that every one of them is the same. The colors are black, brown and grey/white.  This is a common trait among all of the dogs where they all look the same with only subtle differences to tell them apart.  This uniformity is another reason why they are so popular, you know what you will be getting.

One of the negatives to this breed of dog is their bark.  Many people nickname them as the “Yappy Dog” since they bark a lot.  Many people who own these dogs say this is a positive trait and one that they have gotten used to, however, for those that like a quiet dog this one may not be for you.